For installations in cylinder heads, or indicator ports/Kiene adapters
which are prone to indicator port detonations.

Thread Size 1/4-20 3/8-24 M10x1.25
Pressure Range 0-100 bar (~1,500 psi) 0-100 bar (~1,500 psi) 0-100 bar (~1,500 psi)
Sealing Surface Flange 118 Conical Tip 118 Conical Tip
Requires M14 adapter,
Model ADP-1420NG
Requires M14 adapter,
Model ADP-3824NG
Requires M14 adapter,
Model ADP-M10NG
  • Over Pressure: 400 bar
       (~6,000 psi)
  • Over Pressure: 400 bar
       (~6,000 psi)
  • 3/8-24 Rotating Nut
  • Over Pressure: 400 bar
       (~6,000 psi)
  • M10x1.25 Rotating Nut
  • Diagrams


    Over Pressure

    Non-Linearity & Hysteresis

    Diaphragm Resonant Frequency

    Frequency Range

    Sensor Housing
    Temperature Range

    Fiber Optic Cable
    Operating Temperature

    Fiber Optic Cable Length

    Interface Unit

    Sensor Operational Mode

    4 x Pressure Range

    1% FS

    >120 kHz

    0.1 Hz to 5kHz

    -40 to 350C (~660F)

    -40 to 200C (~400F)

    2m standard, or custom length

    Integrated with Sensor

    Sealed Gauge

    Fiber-Optic Cable
    Minimum Bending Radius

    Pressure Output Signal

    Diagnostic Output Signal

    Power Supply

    AutoPSI-S Interface
    Temperature Range

    Pressure Media


    Guaranteed lifetime

    5 mm (3/16")

    Analog, 0.5 - 5V

    Analog, 0 - 3.6V

    9 - 18V DC, 85mA; (not included)

    -20C to 65C (~150F)

    Gaseous or Liquid

    100 G

    200 Million Pressure Cycles
    or 2 Years