Custom Design Sensors for Glow Plug Bores
  AutoPSI-S Static Pressure Interface
  Pressure Feedthrough Assemblies
  Fiber-Optic Patch Cables
  Installation Tools


Custom Design Sensors
For Glow Plug Bores
  • Diaphragm is positioned close
       to cylinder chamber, alleviating
       channel resonances generated
       by long passages between
       the sensor and cylinder
  • Custom design packages are
       based on user supplied glow
       plug and glow plug bore
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    AutoPSI-S Static Pressure Interface
    Model SPCAL-n Static Pressure Interface
    n- Voltage  (1)110V AC
                     (2)220V AC
                     (3)240V AC
    • Interface unit for calibration of AutoPSI-S sensors with static calibrator or dead weight tester
    • Can be used for short-term (resettable) static preasure measurements
    • Single reset-button operation
    • Recommened as a power supply for AutoPSI-S sensors
    • AC wall plug adapter included
    • Interface output connector: BNC


     ADP-3824NG, ADP-M10NG 
     ADP-3824DE, ADP-M10DE 


    Pressure Feedthrough Assemblies
    Model FT-150: Feedthrough Assembly, 10 bar Pressure Sealing
    Model FT-300: Feedthrough Assembly, 20 bar Pressure Sealing
  • Rated to 150° C (300° F)
  • For use with FiberPSI Sensors, the pressure feedthrough assemblies comprise a
      continuous fiber optic strand sealed within a 1/4 NPT brass fitting terminated at
      each end with Type SC optical connectors.
  • Choice of threads and optical connectors available on request



    Model Txyz: Thermocouple
    x-Cable Length       
    y-Sensor Package   
    z- Pressure Sealing  
    • For measuring temperature in the pressure sensor mounting location
    • Useful in the design of an adapter or a custom sensor package
    • Type K thermocouple
    • Available in all Optrand pressure sensor packages
    • Example: Model T224 - (T) Thermocouple, (2) 2m Cable, (2) 1/4-20 Housing,
      (4) Flange Pressure Sealing (see Optrand Sensor Model Numbering Guide)


    Patch Cables for FiberPSI Sensors
    Model OPC-08: Fiber-Optic Patch Cable,  8m
    Model OPC-15: Fiber-Optic Patch Cable, 15m
    Model OPC-25: Fiber-Optic Patch Cable, 25m
    • For applications requiring long distance between
      the FiberPSI sensor head and the FiberPSI
      interface unit
    • Terminated with type SC optical connectors
    • Custom length patch cables and optical connectors
      available on request


    Installation Tools
    MT-532 MT-732 MT-1420 MT-16 MT-20 MW-532