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Miniature High-Temperature Pressure Sensor
with 1.7mm diameter

February 19, 1999

PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN ---- A MINIATURE high-temperature pressure sensor offered by Optrand, Inc. will be on display at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International Congress and Exhibition at Cobo Center in Detroit, March 1 through March 4, 1999, Booth # 1184.

This 1.7mm in diameter sensor is the newest addition to the Optrand family of fiber-optic dynamic-pressure sensors for detecting pressure in combustion cylinders and fuel injection systems. Thanks to its exceptionally small size the sensor can fit into pressure sensing spark plugs, glow plugs, or fuel injectors for non-invasive measurement in engine testing and R&D, as well as calibration and mapping. The sensor is offered initially for 0-100 bar (1,500 psi) and 0-200 bar (3,000 psi) pressure ranges in the AutoPSI-S version (with signal conditioner rated for -40 to 65oC) and the AutoPSI-HT version (with signal conditioner rated for -40 to 125oC).

Utilizing a robust construction based on a flexing metal diaphragm, which does not involve any transfer pins or other mechanical coupling mechanisms, the sensor offers exceptional durability of up to 1 billion pressure cycles. Its other features include resistance to high temperatures (combustion or 300&deg C continuous) and immunity to Electromagnetic Interference/Radio Interference (EMI/RFI).

For Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) applications the sensor specifically targets combustion cylinder pressure detection in gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines where its miniature size and high temperature resistance enables integration with a fuel injector or a spark plug/pencil coil for closed loop fueling and ignition feedback control. Other automotive applications include injection fuel pressure control and monitoring in direct injection gasoline, diesel, and gas engines. Non-automotive applications include steam generators, nuclear plants, plastics injection molding, and process industries where the sensor can replace popular thermocouples of the same diameter.

Optrand, Inc. is a Plymouth, Michigan based developer and manufacturer of fiber optic sensors targeting automotive and industrial applications.