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Static Pressure Sensor

August 4, 1997

PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN ---- The AutoPSI-DC™ - WORLD'S ONLY STATIC PRESSURE SENSOR FOR CONTINUOUS OPERATION IN HIGH TEMPERATURE (up to 360°C) will be on display at the ISA-TECH'97, Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, October 7-9, 1997, booth #1006.

The AutoPSI-DC is devoted to operation in harsh environments characterized by high temperature up to 360°C (680°F), high levels of Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference fields (EMI/RFI), and in chemically volatile media.

The sensor targets (1) the plastic industry, specifically applications in the monitoring of injection molding and extrusion, (2) the monitoring and control of compressor pressure in natural gas pumping stations, (3) die-casting, (4) turbine engines, and (5) oil exploration.

Housed in a robust and low-cost package, the AutoPSI-DC signal conditioner is contained in a metal cylinder 1.5" in diameter and 4" long, permanently connected to a 2m (6.5') long and high-temperature (200°C; 400°F) cable. The sensor is powered by a DC source and provides pressure and temperature outputs in the 0-5V analog signal range.

The AutoPSI-DC sensor is available in a sealed gauge pressure package, with a non-corrosive and a non-abrasive diaphragm. It is initially offered in 0-200 bar (~3,000 psi) and 0-3,000 bar (~45,000 psi) pressure ranges, with 1% pressure reading accuracy over the frequency range of 0Hz to 15kHz. The sensor is available in custom packages and guaranteed for 2 years of continuous operation.