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Engine-Calibration Spark Plug

August 11, 1997

PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN ---- Optrand will introduce a new generation of measuring spark plug CALplug™ at the SENSORS EXPO, Cobo Convention Center in Detroit, Michigan, October 21-23, 1997, booth #707.

The CALplug combines a user-selected, modified, production spark plug with Optrand AutoPSI-TC™ pressure sensor. By permanently mounting the temperature-compensated AutoPSI-TC sensor in the spark plug, the calibrated ±1% Full Scale Output pressure reading accuracy is achieved, including the linearity & hysteresis, thermal shock, repeatability, and calibration stability. Thus, the CALplug is the world's only pressure indicating device that offers performance of water-cooled head-mounted sensors, without the need for engine head drilling and sensor water cooling, at a fraction of cost.

The device has been specifically designed for engine calibration and mapping applications. When used with portable data acquisition equipment, the CALplug is an ideal device for in-vehicle operation. In addition the CALplug is suitable for racing car applications where high spark plug temperatures and combustion pressures are encountered.

The CALplug is available in two pressure ranges: 0-70 bar (~1,000 psi) and 0-200 bar (~3,000 psi). The pressure sensor is permanently attached to the spark plug body and is factory transferable to a new or different type spark plug.