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February 6, 1997

PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN ---- The WORLD'S SMALLEST COMBUSTION PRESSURE SENSOR will be on display at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International Congress and Exhibition at Cobo Center in Detroit, February 24 through February 27, 1997, Booth # 7508.

A 2.8mm diameter sensor is the newest addition to the Optrand family of fiber optic pressure sensors devoted to combustion monitoring and control applications. The sensor is offered initially for 0-1,500 psi pressure range, both in FiberPSI™ and AutoPSI-S™ versions. Introductory sensor styles include a 2.8mm diameter shaft and a M3.5x0.6 threaded package.

Due to its fiber optic construction the sensor is inherently non-electric, free from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), and resistant to high temperature. Thanks to the exceptionally small size the sensor can fit into modified production spark plugs, for non-invasive pressure measurement in engine testing and R&D, without compromising spark plug characteristics.

For OEM applications the sensor can be integrated with "smart" ignition and direct fuel injection systems, where combustion pressure is used as a feedback parameter for engine control. Custom sensor packages and connectors are available.

Optrand, Inc. is a Plymouth, Michigan based company involved in the research, development and manufacturing of fiber optic sensors for extreme environments. The company's products address pressure, temperature, air-fuel ratio monitoring and control needs in the combustion engine, electric utility, jet engine, and performance racing industries.