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January 8, 1996


ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN --- OPTRAND is pleased to announce the availability of their PSIplug™, a Measuring Spark Plug with an Integrated Fiber-Optic Cylinder Pressure Sensor.

The proprietary design incorporates spark plug with modifications for integration with OPTRAND's fiber optic combustion pressure sensors. The resulting measuring spark plug enables combustion pressure measurement in production engines without head drilling or engine modifications. Applications include continuous engine health monitoring and closed-loop controls as well as testing and diagnostics in passenger car and industrial engines.

Derived from a production spark plug, the PSIplug has an axially located central electrode eliminating any potential spark fouling problems. Available in M14 and M18 thread sizes, the PSIplug can be supplied in different spark plug styles or heat ranges. The device comes with a resistor and matches the characteristics of the majority of spark plugs currently used in domestic and foreign cars as well as in industrial engines.

Specifically intended for high volume OEM applications, the PSIplug delivers a cost effective solution without compromising reliability or performance.

OPTRAND, Inc. is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based company involved in research, development, and manufacturing of fiber optic sensors for extreme environments. The company's products address pressure, temperature, air/fuel ratio monitoring and control needs in the combustion engines, electrical utility, and jet engine industries.