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November 14, 1995

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN --- OPTRAND announces the availability of their NEW Diesel Combustion Pressure Sensor, Model OPS350-3000.

Utilizing their proven fiber optic sensing technology developed for adverse environment applications, OPTRAND has designed the OPS350-3000 for continuous and long-term operation under diesel combustion conditions. Due to its exceptional reliability and low cost, the OPS350-3000 is the particularly suitable for engine health monitoring or control in stationary and movable diesel engines. The sensor can withstand high overpressure and combustion detonations without damage or degradation in performance. Operating at sensor housing temperatures up to 350oC, the OPS350-3000 has a guaranteed life time of 200 Million cycles, which is not available with other commercial products to date.

Available in a sealed gage pressure package, the OPS350-3000 is offered in two versions with accuracies of 1% and 3%. In conjunction with OPTRAND OPT1000 series Opto-Electronic Interfaces the sensor system offers frequency response of 0.1 Hz to 15 kHz covering engine knock frequencies. The sensor is available in four miniature housing styles ranging in size from M5 to 3/8"-24 in diameter.

Specifically intended for high volume, OEM applications, the OPS350-3000 delivers a cost effective solution without compromising reliability or performance. OPTRAND offers the OPS350-3000 in custom OEM housings suitable for direct engine installation in addition to standard pressure configurations.

OPTRAND, Inc. is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based company involved in research, development, and manufacturing of fiber optic sensors for extreme environments. The company's products address pressure, temperature, air/fuel ratio monitoring and control needs in the combustion engines, electrical utility, and jet engine industries.