Dynamic Pressure Sensor for High Pressure Applications

The AutoPSI-S2000 has been designed for high pressure (2,000 bar or 30,000 psi) dynamic pressure measurement in harsh environments characterized by temperatures up to 300C, high levels of Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference fields (EMI/RFI), and chemically volatile media.

The AutoPSI-S2000 comes with the service lifetime up to 500 million cycles or 3 years (based on a fatique-free fiber optic/metal diaphragm design). The unprecedented sensor lifetime enables continuous monitoring and control of high pressure hydraulic systems.

A robust sensor head design with a 1/2-20 thread and tapered sealing surface provides convenient mounting and torquing. The optical fiber is housed in standard 200C-rated silicone cable or optional flexible metal hose for industrial applications. Permanently attached to this cable is a signal conditioner housing the optics and electronics.

The sensor has an accuracy of 1% of Full Scale Output over a frequency range of 0.1Hz to 15kHz. A standard output voltage of 0.5V to 5V is provided, with different output values available. The sensor requires a 9V to 18V DC power supply.


Pressure Range 0-2000 bar (~30,000 PSI)
Over Pressure 1.5x Pressure Range
Natural Frequency >150 kHz
Frequency Range 0.1 Hz to 15 kHz (standard)
Operating Temperature  
    Sensor Housing -40 to 300&degC (572&degF)
    Cable -40 to 200&degC (390&degF)
    Signal Conditioner -20 to 65&degC (150&degF)
    -HT Version -20 to 125&degC (257&degF)
Temperature Coefficiant of Sensitivity  
    AutoPSI-S2000 0.03% /&degC (standard)
Non-Linearity and Hysteresis 1.0% FSO
Output Signal 0.5-5 V Analog (white wire)
Diagnostic Output Signal 0-3.6 V Analog (blue wire)
Output Impedance 250 Ohm
Interface Power Supply 9-18 V DC, 85 mA (red wire)
Sensor Operational Mode Sealed Gauge
Pressure Media Gaseous or Liquid
Fiber Optic Cable Length 2m (6.5 ft.) Standard
Interface Unit/Amplifier Integrated with Sensor
Signal Conditioner Diam 1.125" x 3.25"
Guaranteed Lifetime 500 Million Pressure Cycles or 3 years