Fiber Optic - EMI/RFI-Free Construction
Integrated Signal Conditioner in a Small Rugged Enclosure
High Accuracy under Combustion Conditions
Various Pressure Ranges
Maximum Sensor Housing Operating Temperature 350°C
OEM Sensor Packages
Neither Water nor Air Cooling Needed
Low-Cost, Long-Life

Developed for industrial applications, the AutoPSI-S combustion pressure sensor delivers a low-cost and reliable solution for production engine monitoring and control applications. With a unique fiber optic construction, the sensor is able to operate at high levels of Electro-Magnetic/Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI) fields and high temperature.

The opto-electronic circuitry is packaged in a small rugged enclosure, eliminating the need for a separate interface unit. The sensor can be easily powered and read by the Engine Control Units (ECU); or systems such as Combustion Analysis for Gasoline, Diesel and Natural Gas Engines, Prognostic and Condition-Based Maintenance, Paramteric Emissions Monitoring, etc.

Optrand patented auto-referencing circuitry maintains sensor accuracy and drift-free operation over millions of pressure cycles. Sensor reliability is ensured by a health monitoring (diagnostic) output signal. AutoPSI-S sensors can be calibrated with static pressure calibrator or dead weight tester.

Sensors can be installed either directly or through an adapter into the cylinder head, in the indicator port/Kiene adapter or integrated with Optrand measuring spark plug, PSIplug or CALplug.

Pressure Range0-7 bar (~100 psi), 0-14 bar (~200 psi), 0-70 bar (~1,000 psi),
0-100 bar (~1,500 psi), 0-200 bar (~3,000 psi), 0-700 bar (~10,000 psi)
Over Pressure2 x Pressure Range (typical)
Non-Linearity & Hysteresis±1% FSO (combustion), 0.5% FSO (non-combustion)
Diaphragm Resonant Frequency>120kHz
Frequency Range0.1Hz to 15kHz (typical)
Sensor Housing Temperature Range-40° to 350°C (~660°F)
Fibe Optic Cable Operating Temperature-40° to 200°C (~400°F)
Fiber Optic Cable Length2 m (6.5'); Custom Length Optional
Signal ConditionerIntegrated with Sensor; Metal Shell (length 3", dia. 1")
Output Impedance250 Ohm
Sensor Operational ModeSealed Gauge
Fiber Optic Cable Minimum Bending Radius5mm (3/16")
Sensor Output SignalAnalog, 0.5 to 5V
Diagnostic Output SignalAnalog, 0 to 3.6V
Power Supply9V to 18V DC, 85mA; not included
Signal Conditioner Temperature Range-20°C to 65°C (~150°F)
Pressure MediaGaseous or Liquid
Guaranteed Lifetime200 Million Pressure Cycles or 2 Years