Temperature-Compensated Dynamic Pressure Sensor

The AutoPSI-TC - temperature compensated dynamic pressure sensor is uniquely capable of long term operation in high temperature up to 360°C, at high levels of Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency (EMI/RFI) fields, and in chemically volatile media.

The temperature coefficient of sensitivity of the AutoPSI-TC sensor is reduced to ±0.003%/°C - matching the performance of much more expensive water-cooled sensors.

The sensor is suitable for a wide range of applications such as:
Engine Balancing, Condition-Based Maintenance, Diagnostics and Prognostics in Natural Gas and Diesel Engines, where long life, excellent pressure-response linearity and calibrated performance are required.
In-Vehicle Engine Calibration and Mapping - when integrated with Optrand's pressure indicating spark plug, CALplug.
Extrusion, Injection and Compression Molding in the plastics industry.
Metal Die Casting

AutoPSI-TC Applications

Pressure Range0-14 bar (~1,000 psi) through 2,000 bar (~30,000 psi)
Over Pressure2 x Pressure Range or 35,000 psi, whichever is less
Non-Linearity & Hysteresis±0.5% FS under non-combustion conditions
±1% FS under combustion conditions
Sensor Output SignalAnalog, 0.5V to 5V
Diagnostic Output SignalAnalog, 0V to 3.6V
Diaphragm Resonant Frequency>120kHz
Frequency Range0 Hz to 15 kHz
Sensor Housing Temperature Range-40° to 360°C
Fibe-Optic Cable Operating Temperature-40° to 200°C
Fiber-Optic Cable Length2m (6.5') Standard; Custom Length Optional
Fiber-Optic Cable Minimum Bending Radius5mm (5/16")
Sensor Operational ModeSealed Gauge
Signal Conditioner Operating Temperature Range-20°C to 65°C (~150°F)
Temperature Coefficient of Sensitivity±0.003%/°C
Pressure MediaGaseous or Liquid
Output Impedance250 ohm