1.7mm Sensor Package

Miniature High Temperature Pressure Sensor

The 1.7mm sensor package is the ideal OEM package for
integration into almost any pressure measurement
application. Available in the -S and -HT variants, this
dynamic sensor is a prime candidate for sensing spark plugs, glow plugs, and fuel injectors for noninvasive
pressure measurement in engine testing and R&D, as well as calibration and mapping. The sensor is available in 0-100
Bar (0-1,500 psi) and 0-200 Bar (0-3,000 psi) pressure

Utilizing a robust construction based on a flexing metal
diaphragm the sensor offers exceptional durability of up to
150 Million cycles without the use of transfer pins or other
mechanical coupling mechanisms. The sensor offers a maximum continuous operating temperature of up to 300
degrees C (or combustion) and is immune to all electrical magnetic and radio interference.

For OEM applications the sensor is specifically targeted for combustion cylinder pressure measurement in gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines where its miniature size and high resistance to temperature enables integration into fuel injector or spark plug based closed loop fuel/ingnition control systems. Other automotive applications include control systems. Other automotive applications include fuel pressure control and monitoring in direct injection engines. In non-combustion applications, the sensor can replace thermocouples of the same diameter making it ideal for a drop-in pressure sensing solution.

Like all AutoPSI sensors, a small, permanently attached signal conditioner, including all the optics and electronics, eliminates the need for a separate, costly interface.

Diesel Engines
Glow plug, DDI, Indicator Ports,
Fuel Injectors
Gasoline Engines
In-vehicle calibration, Mapping, Sparkplugs,
Spark plug mounted sensors
Natural Gas Engines
Truck and Large Machinery
Two-Stroke Engines
Compressor Monitoring
HVAC Industry

Pressure Range

Over Pressure
Natural Frequency
Frequency Range

Operating Temp
Sensor Housing
Interface Unit
Temperature Coefficient of Sensitivity: AutoPSI-S

Non-Linearity & Hysteresis

Output Signal
Diagnostic Output Signal
Output Impedance
Interface Power Supply
0-100 bar (~1500 psi)
0-200 bar (~3000 psi)
2x Pressure Range (standard)
>120 kHz
0.1 Hz to 5 kHz (standard)
1.0 Hz to 30 kHz (available)

-40 to 300°C (570°F)
-40 to 200°C (390°F)
-20 to 65°C (150°F)
-20 to 125°C (260°F)

±0.03% /°C

±0.25% (available) non-combustion
±0.5% FSO non-combustion
±1% FSO combustion
0.5-5 V Analog
0-3.6 V Analog
250 Ohm
9-18 V DC, 85 mA
100 g
Sensor Operational Mode
Pressure Media
Fiber Optic Cable Length)
Minimum Bending Radius
Interface Unit Integrated with Sensor
Guaranteed Lifetime:
Sealed Gauge
Gaseous or Liquid
2 m (6.5 ft.) (standard)
5 mm (.188 in.)

150 Million Pressure Cycles
or 2 years